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At Reaper Consulting, we’re dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations with the skills, knowledge, and confidence required to navigate today’s ever-evolving security landscape. Our team of experienced professionals provides top-notch instruction and consulting services in personal protection, firearms training, and security assessments.

Discover the Reaper Consulting difference today. Let us help you develop the skills and confidence you need to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property. Contact us to learn more about our courses, schedule a consultation, or register for an upcoming training session. Your safety and security are our mission.


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Unparalleled Expertise in Personal Protection, Firearms Training, and Security Solutions Tailored to You

Basic Pistol

This introductory course focuses on pistol fundamentals, including safety, stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger control, and follow-through. Ideal for beginners, this course provides a strong foundation for handgun handling and marksmanship.

Basic Carbine

This course offers an introduction to the basics of carbine operation and shooting techniques. Participants will learn about the various types of carbines, their components, and essential skills such as loading, unloading, and basic maintenance.

Home Defense CQB

This training course equips participants with the skills needed to effectively protect their home in close-quarters situations. The curriculum covers room clearing, movement, use of cover and concealment, and decision-making and defensive tactics.

Long Range Marksmanship

This course is designed to develop the skills necessary for accurate long-range shooting. Participants will learn about ballistics, wind reading, range estimation, and advanced shooting techniques for engaging targets at extended distances.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care

This course provides training in emergency medical techniques for use in combat situations. Participants will learn how to assess and manage battlefield injuries, including hemorrhage control, airway management, and casualty evacuation.

Weapons Manipulation

This course focuses on advanced techniques for operating and maintaining a variety of firearms. Participants will learn efficient methods for reloading, malfunction clearance, and transitioning between weapons in high-stress scenarios.

Fighting Around Vehicles

This training emphasizes the tactics and techniques for effectively using vehicles as cover and engaging threats during vehicle-based operations. Topics covered include vehicle ballistics, shooting positions, and movement around vehicles.

Reduced Signature Operations

This course teaches participants how to conduct operations with minimal detection. The curriculum covers camouflage, concealment, noise discipline, and stealth movement, and techniques for avoiding detection through electronic means.

Physical Security Assessments

Our experienced security professionals can provide comprehensive evaluations of your property’s security measures. We’ll identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend tailored solutions to safeguard your home, business, or facility from various threats.

Watch Our Training Videos

Enhance your learning experience and gain valuable insights into our comprehensive training programs by exploring Reaper Consulting’s YouTube channel. Our extensive library of training videos offers expert tips, techniques, and demonstrations across a wide range of topics, from basic firearm handling to advanced tactics. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, our videos serve as an invaluable resource to expand your knowledge and sharpen your skills at your own pace. Subscribe to our YouTube channel today and stay up to date with the latest content from our team of seasoned professionals.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Aaron identified the key areas of improvement for me and showed me exactly what I should be working on to improve my speed, accuracy, and precision. He is a true professional and master of his craft. I highly recommend Reaper Consulting for your training needs.

Nate D.

Dallas, TX

After purchasing my first gun, I realized I would need proper training. Reaper Consulting came highly recommended from my friends so I signed up for the Basic Pistol Course. Aaron taught me everything I need to know about gun ownership, I plan to come back soon!

Nathan D.

Austin, TX